Animal Essentials Bowser Breath


For Dogs and Cats... Promotes fresh breath. Just a few drops will do! 

Provides quick, safe and lasting relief from foul odors that are produced in the mouth or digestive tract of your pet.
Bowser Breath is made with a blend of time-honored breath-freshening herbs and a revolutionary patented extract of Champignon mushrooms--- the kind most commonly used in human food.

This formula acts by reducing levels of potentially harmful chemicals that may be contributing to your companion’s bad breath, while adding a sweet, minty odor to his mouth. (1)

Backed by science and over 10 years of safe consumption by animals and people, the mushroom extract in Bowser Breath has been shown to be over 400% more effective than parsley extract alone. (2)

The formula contains only human food grade ingredients, no concentrated essential oils or synthetic preservatives, and a combination herbs that are very safe!

Suggested Use:

Dogs & Cats: Apply a short squirt (10-30 drops) directly into the mouth or add to food as needed to freshen breath. Breath freshening effects should be expected to occur within 15 minutes of application and may last for two hours or more.

If freshening effects do not satisfactorily occur within 15 minutes, reapply once again and wait another 1/2 hour before giving more.

Proprietary Blend:
Parsley leaf, fennel seed, peppermint leaf extract ...............100mg.*
Agaricus bisporus (Champignon Mushroom) extract ............17mg.
Other Ingredients: Vegetable glycerin USP, distilled water, dextrin, malic acid.

*Represents amount of dry herb used in manufacture

Warning: Bad breath may be sign of serious health problems. If your companion’s breath problem persists, please consult a veterinarian.

1. Koizumi, I Suzuki Y., Shimura S. Japanese Journal of Public Health; Vol. 1.44 No. 1, Jan. 1977

2. Study comparing Champex™ 1% Aueous solution to Parsley Seed 1% emulsion 80mg./155 ml. Reduction of methyl mercatan analyzed over 2 hour period. 500% represented at 30 minutes