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Mars Wisdom Panel DNA Kit 2.0


In the case of a mixed-breed dog, your dog has inherited traits from his ancestors just like you did from your family. But, just like you don’t look exactly like your grandparents, the same is true for your loveable mutt. When you combine the DNA from different purebreds, you create a one-of-a-kind mixed-breed dog like yours. As it can be difficult to identify ancestral breeds by visual identification, using your dog’s DNA to determine the ancestral breeds is much more accurate.
Knowing your dog’s ancestry can help you create a tailored wellness program to fit their one-of-a-kind needs.Wisdom Panel tests are simple DNA tests that reveal the breeds in your dog’s ancestry. Wisdom Panelincorporates ancestry analysis for mixed-breed dogs, as well as the purebred and designer dog tests. All versions of the test provide ancestry validation, breed information and a predicted weight profile. Wisdom Panel® 2.5 and 3.0 also screen for the MDR1 genetic mutation.
Wisdom Panel will analyze your dog’s DNA using a proprietary computer algorithm and breed database to identify the breed(s) present in their recent ancestry. If you think your dog is purebred or cross between two different breeds (a designer dog), you can indicate this during kit activation. The Wisdom Panel computer algorithm will still evaluate your dog’s signature against all the breeds in the database, but will also perform additional analyses that will tell you how your dog’s DNA compares with other purebred or designer dogs of the same breed(s) you selected.

Testing your dog with Wisdom Panel swab tests begins when you use the cheek swabs to collect a DNA sample from inside your dog’s cheek and then send the swabs into the laboratory. Once your sample is received at our lab it is scanned into our database and assigned to a batch for testing. It then undergoes processing to extract the DNA from your dog’s cells, which is examined for the 321 markers that are used in the tests. The results of these markers are sent to a computer that evaluates them using an algorithm designed to consider all of the pedigree trees that are possible in the last three generations for your dog. Our computer algorithm uses information from our extensive breed database to analyze these potential pedigrees and determine which one is the best fit.
The computer algorithm gives each of the millions of combinations of ancestry trees built and considered a score representing how well that selected combination of breeds matches your dog’s data. The pedigree with the overall best score is selected and provided to you in your dog’s individualized report. It normally takes 2-3 weeks from the time a sample is received for the genetic testing and analysis to be completed.