Fido-Vite Flexx 15 lbs. Doctor's Choice Supplements


All the health benefits of Fido-Vite with the extra joint benefits of Glucosamine and Chondtroitin. Fido-Vite Flexx is great for older dogs, dogs working in sport and dogs with weight problems.

Fido-Vite and Flexx Feeding Directions:

  • For dogs up to 20 lbs – 1/2 oz daily
  • For dogs up to 40 lbs – 1 oz daily
  • For dogs up to 80 lbs – 2 oz daily
  • For dogs over 80 lbs – 3 oz daily

Start slowly – Each day increasing the feeding rate until desired level is reached. You may double the feeding rate for dogs under stress. Adding a small amount of water may enhance acceptability.


1 oz scoop enclosed.

Store in a cool dry location.

When the ancestors of the modern day dog were in the wild, they would kill an animal and eat the digestive tract contents. This is where the dog received its vegetables, B vitamins, probiotics and digestive enzymes. Modern day commercially processed dog food is extruded to add palatability and stability, but it is the heat of the extrusion process (the making of kibble) that destroys those same B-vitamins, probiotics and digestive enzymes. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or even a veterinarian like me to realize there are benefits to supplementation.

Doctor’s Choice developed Fido-Vite because there was no product on the market that fit the needs to deal with the nutrition problems I was seeing. Fido-Vite is the best and most complete complement to commercial dog food available. Fido-Vite is also an excellent complement to raw food or barf diets. Fido-Vite comes in a palatable meal form so all the enzymes, B-vitamins and probiotics added to the product are available to elevate the dog’s health. No matter how good a product looks, it can’t help the dog if they won’t consume it. Backed up with solid research, Being a veterinarian, I can’t stress enough the importance of intestinal health to the overall health of the dog. That’s why at Doctor’s Choice, we say “Improving Health… From the Inside Out”.

R. Dean Meyer DVM

Fido-Vite Flexx has all the health benefits of Fido-Vite with the extra joint benefits of Glucosamine and Chondtroitin. Fido-Vite Flexx also has L-Carnitine for enhanced energy metabolism. Fido-Vite Flexx is great for older dogs, dogs working in sport and dogs with weight problems.

When veterinarians are asked, “What should I feed my dog?” most will say, “Just feed a good quality dog food.” In most situations this recommendation is absolutely correct, because most supplements are just adding more nutrients to an already well fortified dog food. Fido-Vite is different. Fido-Vite is designed to help your dog food work better and designed to be the perfect complement to your regular dog food. Fido-Vite works like “supercharged yogurt” to improve the digestion process and improve intestinal wellness. We have all seen the commercial on TV where the actress tells us to eat yogurt for two weeks to improve our health.

If we took that yogurt and made it into a kibble, the health benefits would be destroyed due to the heat of processing. This makes adding probiotics, like what is in yogurt, to dog food difficult and costly to do. If yogurt has the seeds to intestinal health, then Fido-Vite is providing those seeds along with fertilizer (prebiotics) and a layer of mulch (b.subtilis) to hold down the weeds like E coli and salmonella. But Fido-Vite doesn’t stop there, with ingredients to help intestinal repair, improve nutrient availability and reduce inflammation. Intestinal wellness is the secret to a great shiny coat and overall health and wellness. Dog food is for feeding the dog. Fido-Vite is for feeding intestinal health and wellness. This is why we say, “Improving health…from the inside out.”