Anibio Tic-Clip


 I have personally used this product and it is fantastic! 

The Anibio Tic-Clip offers a revolutionary approach to protecting your pet from ticks and fleas, without pesticides, squeeze-ons, sprays, or topical application of any kind! The Tic-Clip harnesses the power of the bioenergetic field around your pet to create an energy barrier that repels insect pests for two years. This insect repellent collar tag was created in Germany and has been a huge success with pets throughout Europe. This is an amazing item, and Fluffy Dog Wellness is proud to offer you and your companions another safe, non-toxic weapon against ticks and fleas.

Absolutely non-toxic
100% pesticide-free
Completely safe for pets and humans
Odor-free, does not interfere with your pet's sense of smell
Safe for use with puppies and kittens
Protection lasts for two years
Water resistant
1" sized tag weighs only as much as a penny

"Lori Interesting story.... Tuesday afternoon I took Molls and Jake to a wildlife area to run Tall grass and a few trees great place to go When I get home I'm at my desk writing the post about Fitz finding a home. I find a tick walking up my arm...then another....kill them Then I start to think this is very weird.....the wildlife area I then take off my jeans and find 3 more, these are starting to sit in....yeek So I strip and find one more in my hair.....yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek I shower, through all the clothing in the washer. Then I start looking over Mollie and Jake....NOTHING! I have brushed them both and looked them over for two days now still NOTHING Interesting! I think I should get a chip for myself to wear around my neck too!"

How it Works
The ready-to-use Tic-Clip tag is imprinted with an electromagnetic charge bearing a polarized energy signature. This energetic charge adapts to your companion's unique bioenergy frequency and produces a vibrational field around the animal that repels ticks and fleas. Ticks and fleas simply do not react to the pet anymore.

The mechanism of the Tic-Clip's action is a bit abstract when compared with the traditional insect repellents, but this product is the result of many years of research and delivers results that dispel skepticism. Holistic products that work similarly with bioenergetic fields, like flower essences and homeopathic remedies, still lie outside the mainstream, but devoted users will tell you that the results can be truly amazing, even without their really understanding exactly how they work.

Instructions For Use

Attach the Tic-Clip to the ring on your pet's collar using the ring provided with the tag. For cats and small dogs, you may choose to use only the small ring that comes with the Tic-Clip to attach it to the collar. The number of rings used does not affect the effectiveness. Keep at the front of all tags with the colored symbol to the outside.

The Tic-Clip will begin to work within 5 days, and may take up to 20 days to reach full effectiveness. After three weeks of wear, you will see the results you can expect for the life of the tag. The protective effectiveness may vary from 80-100%, as the vibrational field can be disrupted when an animal is seriously ill, for several days after a vaccination, or during extreme heat.

Please Note: As with any holistic product, the Anibio Tic Clip works for most cats and dogs, but is not guaranteed for all animals.

Important Note: Always use the enclosed ring to attach the tag to your companion's collar, as they are also treated. The tag will be effective for two years from the time it is attached to your pet's collar, after which it should be replaced. It is important that you keep the collar on your pet at all times to maintain effectiveness of the vibrational field. For guardians who remove their pet's collar at night, keep the collar (with tag attached) near your companion during sleep.

We can only sell this product in the US due to shipping issues.